We love organic, we love nature - Products from Croatian fields

You can buy our products in the following retail chains:


All LIDL stores in Croatia
Under the initiative "Taste Your Homeland" - https://okusizavicaja.hr/proizvodi/vitarona-sok-od-aronije/


Vitarona 100% pure organic aronia juice can be bought in the following Interspar stores:


1. INTERSPAR hipermarket City Center One West Zagreb - Jankomir 33, 10000 Zagreb
2. INTERSPAR hipermarket Zagreb King Cross - Škorpikova 34/2, 10000 Zagreb
3. INTERSPAR hipermarket Donji Stupnik - Gospodarska ulica 5, 10255 Donji Stupnik
4. INTERSPAR hipermarket Zagreb Supernova-Garden Mall - Kolakova 14, Dubrava, 10000 Zagreb
5. INTERSPAR hipermarket Zagreb City Center One East - Slavonska avenija 11D, 10000 Zagreb
6. INTERSPAR hipermarket Zagreb Arena centar - Ulica Vice Vukova 6, 10000 Zagreb
7. INTERSPAR hipermarket Buzin Supernova - Avenija V. Holjevca 62, 10010 Zagreb
8. INTERSPAR hipermarket Zagreb Retkovec - Ulica kneza Branimira 181, 10040 Zagreb


1. INTERSPAR hipermarket Rijeka - Ulica Maria Gennaria 18, 51000 Rijeka
2. INTERSPAR Tower - Janka Polića Kamova 81A, 51000 Rijeka


1. INTERSPAR hipermarket Kaštel Sućurac Emmezeta - Cesta dr. F. Tuđmana 7, 21212 Kaštel Sućurac
2. INTERSPAR hipermarket Split Mall of Split - Josipa Jovića 93, 21000 Split
3. INTERSPAR hipermarket Split City Center One - Vukovarska 207, 21000 Split


1. Interspar hipermarket Osijek Emmezeta - Svilajska 36, 31000 Osijek
2. Interspar Osijek, Ulica Sv. Leopolda B. Mandića 7, 31000 Osijek


1. INTERSPAR Zadar - Ante Starčevića 5a, 23000 HRVATSKA
2. INTERSPAR hipermarket Zadar - Bleiburških žrtava 18, 23000 Zadar


Interspar hipermarket Slavonski Brod, Osječka 284, 35000 Slavonski Brod


Interspar hipermarket Pula City Mall, Rimske centurijacije 101, 52100 Pula


Interspar hipermarket Karlovac, Prilaz V.Holjevca 12, 47000 Karlovac


Interspar hipermarket Sisak, Ivana Fristovića 25, 44000 Sisak


Interspar hipermarket Koprivnica, Gospodarska ulica 1, 48000 Koprivnica

We guarantee the safety and quality of our products

ecologically grown super fruit from Croatian farm

professional supervision of the entire production process

aronia processing under strict environmental standards

What is Live Healthy guarantee trademark

Holder of the "Live Healthy" guarantee trademark

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