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Aronia products

Eco productsAll Vitarona products are prepared from organic aronia berry (chokeberry) grown on our own farm, in a natural and healthy way without the use of pesticides and any other agents harmful to our health. In the production of our products we believe that homemade products are always the best, so our products are prepared exclusively by traditional methods where the taste of the product and health are always the most important!

In addition to the individual aronia products, we also offer arinia gift packages. Find our more about gift packages or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

100% pure organic aronia juice 0.75 l

100% natural pure juice obtained by cold pressing ...

Price: 60,00 kn

100% Organic aronia tea
100g and 200g

100% pure dried aronia fruit, without the leaves, ...

Price: 25,00 kn

100% Organic aronia powder 150 g

Dried aronia fruit (skin and seeds) completely ...

Price: 70,00 kn

Homemade aronia jam - 212g and 400g

Jam made in a traditional way, by mixing and ...

Price: 25,00 kn

Natural aronia syrup 0.75l

Completely natural syrup made of aronia berries ...

Price: 45,00 kn

Aronia paste 120g

100% bio aronia powder in acacia honey, in a ...

Price: 25,00 kn

We guarantee the safety and quality of our products

ecologically grown super fruit from Croatian farm

professional supervision of the entire production process

aronia processing under strict environmental standards

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Holder of the "Live Healthy" guarantee trademark

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